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Blondo Boots Review

Blondo Boots Review from

There is no limit to my love for Blondo Boots. I’m not sure how I went so many years without knowing this brand of super cute, comfortable and WATERPROOF(?!) boots. Friendly heads up: I will be freaking out about Blondo boots being waterproof for the remainder of this review. Just wanted to prepare you. Okay, let’s move on.

I discovered Blondo boots while out shopping for an upcoming trip. I was traveling to Canada soon and needed to find boots that were stylish enough to wear around my Canadian co-workers, but also warm and waterproof enough to wear in the snowy, rainy, slushy streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was worried my favorite Old Navy boots weren’t going to cut it. My eyes lit up when a delightful man who worked in the Nordstrom shoe department told me he was from Seattle. According to the best movie in the entire universe—Sleepless in Seattle—it rains 9 months of the year in Seattle. This guy had to know his waterproof boot game! And he sure did.

He brought me two pairs of the cutest booties I’d ever seen—the Blondo Liam Waterproof Bootie and the Blondo Villa Waterproof Boot. NO WAY were these boots waterproof. But he assured me YES WAY. I zipped them up and modeled them around the entire shoe department. I like to think my strut screamed, “I’M READY FOR YOU, CANADA! HERE I COME!” I held myself back from buying both pairs and decided on the Liams because of their cool mushroom gray color. I’m obsessed with them. Keep reading for all the reasons I absolutely adore Blondo boots. (I bet you can guess one reason.)


I knew you’d guess correctly. I wore these babies almost every day of my trip—the super cold and rainy/snowy day we went adventuring for lunch in search of my first taste of poutine and donair, and the super cold and rainy/snowy night of our holiday party where afterward we walked to a couple different local hangs. Yep, they looked great with my dress too! I didn’t even need to spray them with any shoe protector for them to fend off the slushy streets of beautiful Nova Scotia.


As I mentioned earlier, I wore them almost every day in Canada and have worn them almost every day since. I haven’t cleaned them and they still look great! Shouldn’t they have some scuffing or something? I don’t understand the science/witchcraft of them looking so good still after so many wears. When they do need a clean though, all I have to do is wipe them gently with a damp cloth and little suede brush.


I (obviously) can’t get over how cute these are while still being waterproof and comfortable. I must have emotional scars from my past shoe life where cute boots = achy feet. I love the light grey color, texture, braided zipper pull and stacked heel. I actually got a couple compliments from my coworkers when I was in Canada. My boss said “No way those are Waterproof! They’re too cute! Are you sure they’re waterproof?” I KNOW, RIGHT?! Yes, they sure are.


They’re surprisingly some of my most comfortable shoes. They have a little heel which makes me a feel a little fancy. The extra height doesn’t mean extra discomfort, thanks to their memory foam-cushioned footbed. I have tromped around in these all day and been able to happily tromp around in them all night.

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