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Why Everyone Should Own Thin Wool Socks this Winter

Why Everyone Should Own Thin Wool Socks this Winter from

Having a quality pair of thin wool socks can be a game changer during chilly winter days, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. You’ll enjoy them much more when your feet are warm and toasty. If you aren’t on the thin wool sock bandwagon yet, here are a few reasons why you should hop aboard.


Keep your feet dry. Thin wool socks are hygroscopic and able to absorb up to 30% of their weight before dampening, keeping your feet cozy and dry.

Keep your feet warm. Thin wool socks regulate your temperature and provide great insulation to trap heat and keep your feet warm.

Keep the stink away. Thin wool socks allow air to circulate making them comfortable even when your feet sweat. This breathability provides for the efficient dispersal of moisture making them resistant to odor, as sweat can evaporate out.

Keep your feet comfortable. Having dry, warm and stink-free feet is definitely more comfortable than the alternative. Thin wool socks are also very soft to the skin and not itchy. Bonus: you can easily wear them with your favorite boots since they aren’t bulky and won’t stretch them out.

Dry them fast & easily. Wool socks dry very quickly, whether they’re wet from the wash or from playing outdoors.

Find them everywhere, in all colors and patterns. With the growing popularity of thin wool socks, more online and local retailers have stocked up with different lengths, (ankle, mid-length, long), colors and designs.

Check out a few of our favorites below!

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